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In the far 1960 Mr. Oliano Cuoghi started manufacturing plants and equipment for the construction market.
At the beginning the production consisted mainly of small equipment and was addressed to a local market, but in a few years the product range had been widened and the plants had been requested and installed all over the Italian territory.
In the first 70s the Company started manufacturing the horizontal Dry and Wet type concrete batching plants.

Simultaneously to the manufacturing of the concrete batching plants, the range of the plants for the preparation of the cement mixtures used in the soil consolidation had been also developed.
Cuoghi family, after the death of the society founder in 1982, has continued his activity, always developing ranges of state-of-the-art plants.

In 1986 Cuoghi Company was requested to supply no.16 plants for the production of the cement mixtures which had been used in the construction of an enormous  under-ground diaphragm wall around the Nuclear Plant in Chernobyl.
From 1990 Cuoghi Company started an expansion on the foreign market, first in the Middle East and then in Europe.
Today the 80% of the Company turnover is from the export sales.
Cuoghi Company, in its continuous research and development investments and product innovation, has developed and patented a new technology with a low environmental impact for the concrete production called CHTT (Concrete High-Tech Turbomixer).

Now there are different CHTT units operating in Italy, Spain and Germany.
This new technology is now the subject of evaluation of the main Italian and European cement groups.

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